asics gel kayano trainer ‘glow in the dark’ now available instore and online at overkill!

check it out here


commonwealth x asics gel lyte v ‘the gemini’ will be dropping at overkill this coming saturday!

18.10.2014 – instore first

online shop link here


hanon x onitsuka tiger x asics ‘glover pack’ released at overkill on saturday!!

04.10.2014 – instore first!

online shop links here

gloverpack10694459_10152693080527978_2000871033829436437_o14104_0 14106_01052949_10152693079787978_3899886724750887475_o 1072398_10152693080092978_6389994645618916444_o 10683471_10152693077422978_9087433442045464090_o 10683724_10152693078957978_6871882216199011894_o

asics wmns gel lyte III “snowflake” available at overkill now!

check it out here

10556244_10152651132987978_552469404315044688_n12221_0 10672304_10152651132962978_4856300352679634454_n

asics gel kayano trainer fresh in at overkill!

check it out here


boom! asics ‘outdoor’ pack just dropped at overkill!

see the lot here

outdoorpack13733_0 13734_0 13735_0 13736_0 gellyte2 saga spotlyte


concepts x asics gel lyte v “the phoenix” coming soon to overkill! dropping instore first this coming saturday – 23.08.2014 – 11:00h

online shop link here

10623820_10152596119522978_2656331785069786038_o13678_0 10556923_10152596133812978_781479918318966804_o 


asics gt cool & gel saga just dropped at overkill!

have a look here & here

10608638_10152594559697978_628705417445776840_o12227_0 12235_0 10476093_10152596029972978_1596793625331236873_o

UBIQ x asics gt-cool ‘nightshade’ dropping at overkill on saturday!

16.08.2014 – INSTORE FIRST – limited numbers available!

online shop link here

ubiqXasics_fb UBIQ-Asics-GT-Cool-Nightshade_02 UBIQ-Asics-GT-Cool-Nightshade_05 UBIQ-Asics-GT-Cool-Nightshade_06 UBIQ-Asics-GT-Cool-Nightshade_01UBIQ-Asics-GT-Cool-Nightshade_07 UBIQ-Asics-GT-Cool-Nightshade_09

big delivery of asics sneaker just dropped at overkill! gel lyte III, gel saga & gel epirus..

see the lot here

10514200_10152531756542978_2168499402182892189_o 10549930_10152531739017978_1123833994831404378_o 10556875_10152531739092978_5227566682932923426_o12216_0 12217_0 12218_0 12219_0 12220_0 12226_0 12229_0 12237_0 12230_010275611_10152531739127978_6696486060761314366_o10353353_10152531756552978_2156617219217886442_o10431338_10152531756627978_4888683664195235721_o

fresh! ubiq x asics gel lyte V “midnight bloom” coming soon to overkill!

release: 31.05.2014 – instore first – check out our facebook page for a chance to win a pair!

online shop link here

asics_gel_02 asics_gel_03 asics_gel_04 asics_gel_05 asics_gel_06 asics_gel_07 asics_gel_08

asics gel lyte & epirius “brazil pack” still available at overkill!

have a look at both shoes here


12875_0 12876_0 1798580_10152336791127978_2537915935099616296_n  10151858_10152336790882978_1289365907023796596_n 10155241_10152336791367978_1979062783203536292_n 10270726_10152336791267978_8425505437881280398_n

asics gel spotlyte released at overkill tomorrow! 30.04.2014

online shop links here & here

10169200_10152339270297978_63292292654033580_n12884_0 12885_0 10151408_10152339271592978_5947394745263625819_n  10297757_10152339270207978_5376224499226083386_n

long awaited ronnie fieg x asics gel lyte v “cove” dropping at overkill on 19.04.2014 – instore only from 11:00h

limited numbers available!

have a closer look here

10259066_10152304241897978_3327999333706978982_n1496656_10152304244187978_1780914565014966520_n12774_0  10153830_10152304243967978_1396672495227068556_n 10154294_10152304243897978_2025045168447885701_n


asics ‘cmyk pack’ coming very soon to overkill – 12.04.2014

instore from: 11:00h // online from 00:01h

asics_cmyk_fbcmyk__MG_1584b_onfeetcmyk__MG_1803b_studiocmyk__MG_1500b_onfeetcmyk__MG_1806b_studiocmyk__MG_1441b_onfeetcmyk__MG_1770b_studio cmyk__MG_1619b_onfeet cmyk__MG_1729b_studio