big asics release coming up at overkill!

including gel lyte III, gel lyte V, gel saga & the “japenese denim” pack

release for all shoes: 01.02.2015

see them all here

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the first in the 25th anniversary series from asics is dropping at overkill on saturday!

the asics x mita sneakers gel lyte III “25th anniversary” will be released: 24.01.2015 instore first!

online shop link here


fresh and new asics shaw runner just dropped at overkill!

have a closer look here

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asics x bodega gel lyte V “get wet” coming soon to overkill!

release: 03.01.2015 instore first

shop link here


asics bamboo pack just dropped at overkill!

see them all here

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footpatrol x asics gel kayano trainer is dropping at overkill on saturday!

release: 06.12.2014 instore first

online shop link here

1502627_10152838037667978_5289502385644063458_o14600_0 241090_10152838037657978_1304247145833243281_o

brand new asics gel lyte III and asics gel lyte III “pure pack” fresh in at overkill!

check them out here

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asics x-mas pack 2014 coming to overkill this weekend! gel saga available as “santa” or a “christmas tree” and a gel lyte III as a “snowman”!

release: 22.11.2014 – instore first!

see all 3 here

asics_xmas_newsletter ASICS_XMASPACK_crew stack ASICS_XMASPACK_GL_27_nosnow ASICS_XMASPACK_GSgreen_onfeet_8_nosnow ASICS_XMASPACK_GSred_onfeet_10


asics gel lyte V “gore tex” pack will be dropping at overkill on saturday!

release: 15.11.2014 instore first!

online shop links here

asics_gore_insta12222_012223_0asics_goretex-15 asics_goretex-58 asics_goretex-17 asics_goretex-42

sneaker freaker x asics gel kayano trainer “melvin son of alvin” released instore from 5pm today!!

online tonight if there are any left

shop link here


asics gel kayano trainer ‘glow in the dark’ now available instore and online at overkill!

check it out here


commonwealth x asics gel lyte v ‘the gemini’ will be dropping at overkill this coming saturday!

18.10.2014 – instore first

online shop link here


hanon x onitsuka tiger x asics ‘glover pack’ released at overkill on saturday!!

04.10.2014 – instore first!

online shop links here

gloverpack10694459_10152693080527978_2000871033829436437_o14104_0 14106_01052949_10152693079787978_3899886724750887475_o 1072398_10152693080092978_6389994645618916444_o 10683471_10152693077422978_9087433442045464090_o 10683724_10152693078957978_6871882216199011894_o

asics wmns gel lyte III “snowflake” available at overkill now!

check it out here

10556244_10152651132987978_552469404315044688_n12221_0 10672304_10152651132962978_4856300352679634454_n

asics gel kayano trainer fresh in at overkill!

check it out here