Scandinavian simplicity, American urban culture, intelligence and an important sense of humour; these are the foundations of New Black’s unmistakable design. In only a few years, the Stockholm based company has gone from a small, first collection of five t-shirts to a successful, global brand, and is now one of the most exciting names in streetwear. Never compromising with the DNA of the brand, New Black has maintained an impressive and loyal following of KOLs all over the world. Staying true to who you are and what you love will always be the new black.

Oh-Three-One, the city with no sun, sang rapper J-Son about his famously rainy hometown. Gothenburg, an industrial city on Sweden’s rainy and windy west coast, is known for its grimy climate, and no, we’re not only talking about the weather. But creativity has always thrived under cloudy skies. The home to a vibrant culture of underground clubs and street art, Gothenburg has been the birthplace of many of Scandinavia’s most important artists. Andreas Undén and Elias Gillberg met on the train tracks. Graffiti became the foundation of a 15-year-old friendship; and the creativity, humour and cheeky charm of graffiti is the foundation of New Black.

New Black is about communication. The original prints speak to rap stars, Hollywood actors and local heroes. New Black is a brand that starts conversations, worn by people who have something to say. It’s visionary, with a love for nostalgia. The clothes carry memories from Gothenburg’s rainy train tracks, a childhood fascination for American, urban culture and the audacity to dream big in a small pond.

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Building on the success of the Original Peoples Mind (OPM) ” BLACK SHEEP CORE COLLECTION ” in 2014 the guys from Koblenz have taken it to the next level with the upcoming ” EVOKE SELLECTION “. Stylishly clean cut as always, the intelligent use of black, grey and white drive this minimalist look ever further. Sporty cuts combined with functional additions make this collection a must have for the soon to arrive spring and summer of 2015.

OPM „EVOKE“ S/S SELECTION available at Overkill on the 28th Feb – Instore from 11:00AM Online from 00:01 h.

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OVERKILL x Alpha Industries MA-1 „VAGABUND“ – Release: 28.02.2015 – 16:00h – online from 20:00H


We are proud to present our next collaboration:

This time we teamed with iconic military supplier ALPHA INDUSTRIES on a military inspired reversible MA-1 jacket just in time for the spring /summer season.
Named the „VAGABUND“, this exclusive Air Force style collaboration jacket, based on the original issued in 1959, takes inspiration from some of Berlin ́s many sub-cultures such as the now famous Graffiti & Techno scenes that have been part of the cities unique identity for a number of years. Beginning with the mid 90ies, when OVERKILL was founded, the Jacket features a reversible inner lining baring a scrapbook style collage of articles, photographs and impressions from 1992 till today. Constructed from ALPHA flight nylon in the orthodox military colorway sage-green with custom embroidery on removable patches and co-branded logo stitchings on the flag labels, zipper pullers, a hidden OVERKILL patch on the inner lining and backside, a nostalgic pencil/cigarette ‚utility‘ pocket and front tab (where the pilot would clip his oxygen mask when not in use), and finally a signal strap with a play on the statement „Remove before Flight“ instead reading „Remove before Night“.

The OVERKILL x Alpha Industries MA-1 „VAGABUND“ Jacket is a journey through time objectifying Berlin subculture from the early 90s through to the present day. With a clear focus on the graffiti and techno scenes, represented using a collage of various newspaper articles portraying important local happenings, underlining the alternative and cultural development path of Berlin counterculture. Meaningful photographs from groundbreaking photographer and symbol of Berlin nightlife, Sven Marquardt as well as a verbalized and visual form of expressing the appeal and impact of “Wasted German Youth“, left behind for the Berlin Techno scene by performance artist and designer Paul Snowden. Blunt, bold, loud and an authentic impression of Berlin life and culture.

OVERKILL originating through the love of graffiti and street art, influenced by the movement of subculture and till this day still heavily inspired by Berlin, in a harmonic cooperation with ALPHA INDUSTRIES, a company who themselves have a deep historical background and roots.

The OVERKILL x Alpha Industries MA-1 “VAGABUND„ available February 28th, in store first from 4PM (online from 8PM), linked to a special event. A very limited and individual customized patch will be included for the first lucky customers.

Sizerun: EU S – 4XL
Price: 179,95

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Alpha Industries MA-1 x Overkill “VAGABUND” – 156100 / 01
( Sage – Green )
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‪#‎Reebok‬ Classic continues to drop exciting new collaborations with fashion forward brands, this time joining forces with French label SIXPACK FRANCE for a debut collection of sleek footwear and apparel designs.
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RELEASE: 06.02.2015
Online from 00:01 h
Instore from 11:00 h
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reebok_6pack_update_0115108_0 10920254_10153018346497978_1158943372750133253_o 10953878_10153018346492978_3347570990691339043_o 10974574_10153018346472978_5926245398960956382_o

starter x loony tunes snapback and tees now available at overkill!

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brand new adidas spring 2015 sneaker & apparel just landed at overkill!!

including: EQT guidance 93, zx flux, stan smith and more

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new arrivals – nike apparel

January 13th, 2015

brand new nike apparel available at overkill now!

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stefan_nologo13681_0 14523_0 14856_0 14867_00504-12.Januar.2015-2

brand new alife fw14 apparel just arrived at overkill!

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huf holiday 2014 collection now available at overkill!

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pharrell williams x adidas “polka dot” stan smith and track jacket available now at overkill!

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PWxADIDAS_Logo_OFFICIAL14621_0 14622_0 14629_0 14633_0 14634_0 14635_0

here a few more stüssy holiday 2014 items for you to have a look at..

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new arrivals – ucon winter 2014

November 20th, 2014

brand new ucon winter 2014 apparel and accessories fresh in at overkill!

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brand new penfield winter 2014 accessories just landed at overkill!

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getting ready for the big chill!

nike aeroloft tech fleece windrunner available at overkill in 2 colourways now!

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looky looky “younger than yesterday” winter 2014 collection now available at overkill!

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