commonwealth x asics gel lyte v ‘the gemini’ will be dropping at overkill this coming saturday!

18.10.2014 – instore first

online shop link here


hanon x onitsuka tiger x asics ‘glover pack’ released at overkill on saturday!!

04.10.2014 – instore first!

online shop links here

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kasina x puma trinomic disc blaze lux coming soon to overkill!

release: 04.10.2014 / instore from 11:00h / online from 00:01h

online shop links here

Puma_Disc_Blaze_Kasina_FB0114121_0 14122_0 Puma_Disc_Blaze_Kasina_FB05

“Craftsman Champions” – MADE IN GERMANY



PRICE: € 199,95



OVERKILL X KangaROOS Ultimate ( 4702D 460 / Dark Navy ) – “Craftsman Champions” – MADE IN GERMANY

OVERKILL X KangaROOS Ultimate ( 4702D 250 / Mid Grey ) – “Craftsman Champions” – MADE IN GERMANY

ultimate_champions_17ultimate_champions_03 ultimate_champions_05 14152_0 14153_0ultimate_champions_10 ultimate_champions_15 ultimate_champions_18

“Made in Germany” – that’s the name and the essence of KangaROOS’ current handcrafted collection. Exclusively handmade in Münchweiler, a small village adjacent to traditional shoe production town Pirmasens, it’s a statement about quality and sustainability in the sneaker business, and it serves as an example for local manufacturing in Germany.


Continuing a series of collaborations and special editions, the latest addition to the “Made In Germany” line is another collaborative model with world-renowned sneaker store heavyweights OVERKILL: the KangaROOS Ultimate “Craftsman Champions” – a model that nods to the “heroes in the shoemaking crafts” and pays tribute to the workers who produce the entire “Made In Germany” collection in Münchsweiler.


100 years ago, in 1914, the city of Pirmasens hosted no less than 240 shoe factories; a business that employed more than 14,000 workers. Today, only a handful of these factories remain in business – the Münchsweiler plant being a rare exception. With the release of the OVERKILL x KangaROOS Ultimate “Craftsman Champions” model, OVERKILL wants to celebrate traditional craftsmanship and the incredible skills of those last shoemakers standing in this former “shoe capital”.


The Made in Germany edition of the OVERKILL x KangaROOS Ultimate “Craftsman Champions” shoe combines highest quality materials and classic, traditional craftsmanship to create a clean, sporty look and feel.


Coming in two classic color-ways, royal blue and gray, this update to the Ultimate perfectly manages to blend fashion, athletic lifestyle and sleek design. Completing the exclusive look, both color-ways come with a fine leather and cotton lining and an embroidered OVERKILL logo patch on the heel. Each pair is individually numbered inside the tongue and provided with an OVERKILL lacetag.


Both versions of the “Craftsman Champions” shoe also include an exclusive wooden sneaker-box: Handmade in Berlin, these boxes have so far only been available with the COIL R-1 “Grape Pack” release and have never been sold before.


play cloths x saucony shadow 5000 ‘strange fruit’ pack coming soon to overkill!

release: 27.09.2014 // INSTORE FIRST

online shop links here, here & here

sau_play3 sau2 sau3 sau414050_0 14051_0 14052_0 sau5 sau6 sau7 sau8

++COMING SOON++20.09.2014++iNSTORE FIRST++

“Made in Germany“, is KangaROOS’s handcrafted line, based in Munchweiler near the shoe city Pirmasens. The ‘Made in Germany’ line is a sustainable statement in the sneaker business and a small token for local manufacturing in Germany. Since 2014, collaborations and special editions with strong partners complement the established models.

The latest addition of the “Made in Germany” line is the collaboration with the world famous sneaker store “OVERKILL”.
KangaROOS and OVERKILL created a limited edition of the iconic model COIL R-1 using high quality materials :
The OVERKILL x KangaROOS Coil R-1 “Grape Pack”.
This exclusive, very limited pack comes in two colors. It’s an homage to the German wineries and its winemakers. They were inspired by the colors burgundy and grape blue, reminiscent of hand-picked grapes from local vineyards. Completing the exclusivity and rarity of both R-1 COIL models are a fine leather lining and branded OVERKILL logo. Each pair is individually numbered on the inner side of the tongue and provided with an OVERKILL lacetag.

The package also includes an exclusive, handmade in Berlin, original wooden sneakerbox, which was never seen in the global market.

Release: 20/SEPTEMBER/2014

SIZERUN: EU 40 – 46
PRICE: 250 €



overkill_x_kangaroos_01 overkill_x_kangaroos_05 13961_0 13962_0overkill_x_kangaroos_17overkill_x_kangaroos_20

nike air max lunar quick strike release coming soon to overkill – 05.09.2014 – instore from 11:00h / online from 00:01h

see them all online here

1404958_10152636454562978_1090187860591668444_o 10536718_10152636464937978_8713736398294947271_o 13796_0 13797_0 13798_0 13799_0 13800_0 13801_0 10553707_10152636456612978_2530301622832093463_o 10648791_10152636498432978_5638053941940829272_o 10688190_10152636502592978_8044906738621824107_o

adidas eqt guidance 93 is finally dropping at overkill on saturday!

instore from 11:00h – online from 00:01h

get a limited t-shirt instore on the day too!

plus… sneaker freaker x montana can also released!

online shop link here

10623664_10152600902452978_2565358230845282120_o13443_0 10517297_10152600902902978_6425289264629905328_o10482483_10152600902482978_2322701345812611610_o  10532984_10152600903552978_7132965985063004355_o 10575191_10152600902847978_3334955440683606855_o 10619915_10152600903722978_7523154123532834767_o 

concepts x asics gel lyte v “the phoenix” coming soon to overkill! dropping instore first this coming saturday – 23.08.2014 – 11:00h

online shop link here

10623820_10152596119522978_2656331785069786038_o13678_0 10556923_10152596133812978_781479918318966804_o 


packer shoes x just blaze x saucony grid 9000 ‘snow beach’ will be released at overkill this coming saturday!

16.08.2014 – INSTORE FIRST – Limited numbers

online shop link here

packer-sb-1 packer-sb-3 packer-sb-5 packer-sb-6 packer-sb-7 packer-sb-9 packer-sb-12 packer-sb-13 packer-sb-14

UBIQ x asics gt-cool ‘nightshade’ dropping at overkill on saturday!

16.08.2014 – INSTORE FIRST – limited numbers available!

online shop link here

ubiqXasics_fb UBIQ-Asics-GT-Cool-Nightshade_02 UBIQ-Asics-GT-Cool-Nightshade_05 UBIQ-Asics-GT-Cool-Nightshade_06 UBIQ-Asics-GT-Cool-Nightshade_01UBIQ-Asics-GT-Cool-Nightshade_07 UBIQ-Asics-GT-Cool-Nightshade_09

air jordan quickstrike ‘dtrt’ pack including jordan retro 6 spizike & spizike will be released at overkill on saturday – 09.08.2014 – instore first!

online shop links here & here

10547270_10152570224917978_5879026974528982911_o10549977_10152570224847978_569765554752880309_o13565_0 13570_0 10604094_10152570356687978_5799471090660038200_o10382237_10152570357062978_7663954900181379699_o

le coq sportif ozan “hiking” is dropping at overkill on saturday!

09.08.2014 – online from 00:01h – instore from 11:00h

have a look here

10575382_10152570499677978_6632053919428350322_o13561_0 10527309_10152570498797978_5622621887247843044_n 

patta x diadora n9000 “9″ will be dropping at overkill on saturday!

26.07.2014 – instore first from 11:00h

more pictures and online shop link here

10502035_10152536783707978_704544734474932272_n1073999_10152536786337978_4607030452916904519_o13470_010497312_10152536786522978_9107964481827560897_o10511439_10152536786142978_7518396770283392821_o 10547860_10152536786267978_2402747996140965983_o

le coq sportif flash alps “lyon pack” dropping at overkill very soon!

release: 19.07.2014 – instore from 11:00h – online from 00:01h

online shop links here & here

le_01 le_03 13421_0 13422_0le_04 le_06