** Apathy & Celph Titled – Cassiopeia – 21.04.2014 **




Sa 29.03.2014 / 23.30

OM UNIT (Civil Music/Cosmic Bridge/UK)
PLASTICIAN (Terrorhythm Recordings/UK)
DELFONIC (Oye Records)
SARAH FARINA (Through My Speakers)

BOX2 – THE LEGENDARY BIRTHDAY BALL 2014 * 19th Anniversary *:
MARC HYPE (SoulClap!/Dusty Donuts/MPM) + RUNEX (Rock da Most) DEJOE (Born 2 Roll/ Dusty Donuts) + KATMANDO (Funkvergnügen) SABRINA GOLIAN (Soulkombinat) + MITCH ALIVE (SoulClap!/Funkstation.net)

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** History of Air Max Exhibition – 26.03 – 05.04 **

For 10 days we prepared you with our Air Max History Countdown, for the probably most important day of a shoe collector , hunter and lover.
Iceberg, Mister Air Max himself, payed us the compliment of exhibiting his stunning Air Max collection. Not only that, also with his presence the evening turned into something extraordinary . After all, who can claim to name almost all OG Air Max models in all colorways its own ? We are impressed!


3.26.Three magic numbers. A date which made history. The resurrection of the first Air Max. 1987.
For 10 days we prepared you with our Air Max History Countdown, for the probably most important day of a shoe collector , hunter and lover.
Iceberg, Mister Air Max himself, payed us the compliment of exhibiting his stunning Air Max collection. Not only that, also with his presence the evening turned into something extraordinary . After all, who can claim to name almost all OG Air Max models in all colorways its own ? We are impressed!
A nice set -up and old media clippings have the unique OG – collection set perfectly. Around 200 invited guests have found their way to our vernissage. Music , delicious food , drinks , good shoes and a relaxed atmosphere complemented the vernissage.

Our biggest „Thank you“ goes out to ICEBERG. We take our hat off for such a unique collection!
The ” Air Max Day” exhibition can still be visited until April, 4. Monday – Saturday 11AM – 20PM.


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25.03.2014 // 8-11PM


** Limited Guestlist available! ** see facebook event for more details




The Adidas Consortium “White Pack” Release was a blast!
Over 150 people were on the list waiting for this stunning pack to be released.
We had a lot of fun!

Thank you Adidas & our customers!

Hope to see you again and again…

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BEAT DA HOUSE: JULIO BASHMORE @ Gretchen – 22.02.2014


Julio Bashmore (Broadwalk/Dirtybird/UK)
The Sexinvaders (Pink-Pong/D)
Delfonic (Oye Records/D)


Kalle Kuts (Metrosoul/G.I.Disco/D)
Rew Kreuzberg (Cocina Diablo)



Fr 14.02.2014 / 23.30 / [P]RAISE THE BASS @ Gretchen Berlin

LUC MASERA (Antibling:Promassive)
SAIMAN (Impulse)
REAF (Pumped Up Kicks)
HYBRIS DAVE (Pumped Up Kicks



On the 31.01.2014, more than 500 people found their way to our store to celebrate together with Adidas and ourselves the long awaited release of the Adidas Equipment Support 1993 reissue. More than 300 EQT Fans, Shoe lovers and Collectors stood and waited for hours in the freezing cold to get their hands on the much sought after sneaker that at 00:01h were released and then they finally did. With allready 100 names on the list by the morning, it was unbelievable!

Due to the Adidas Equipment’s legendary status in Berlin and its surrounding cities, weather Dresden or Leipzig, Hannover or Hamburg, no journey was too far for so many sneaker heads to make it here and participate in this special event.

With food, drinks and musical accompaniment, you could gaze in wonder at EQT models of the past too, presented and on show from private collectors from across Berlin and beyond. It was not just something to make the collectors heartbeat race though, the first 100 customers all received a fresh limited edition Adidas Equipment x Overkill T-Shirt plus a few other goodies too!

Sadly the demand was so high that not every guest could go home with the shoe they came for but at least there was plently of partying, laughing and exchanges of sneaker knowledge till the last shoe proudly left the store in the early hours of the morning. All in all a very successful event, with massive amounts of Sneaker-Heat, Love & passion!




Big thank you to everyone that made it to our Adidas EQT Support ´93 Release-Event last weekend! Was a massive turnout! Possibly the most visited release till now at Overkill! Good times and a lot of sneakers shifted!

Thanks again!

See you all at the next event!

overkill_equipment_MG_2349overkill_equipment_MG_1441 overkill_equipment_MG_1451 overkill_equipment_MG_1467 overkill_equipment_MG_1503 overkill_equipment_MG_1538 overkill_equipment_MG_1560 overkill_equipment_MG_1567 overkill_equipment_MG_1579 overkill_equipment_MG_1585 overkill_equipment_MG_1609 overkill_equipment_MG_1632 overkill_equipment_MG_1771 overkill_equipment_MG_1872 overkill_equipment_MG_1915 overkill_equipment_MG_1935  overkill_equipment_MG_1955 overkill_equipment_MG_1960 overkill_equipment_MG_2001 overkill_equipment_MG_2004 overkill_equipment_MG_2011 overkill_equipment_MG_2347  overkill_equipment_MG_2366 overkill_equipment_MG_2388 overkill_equipment_MG_2390 overkill_equipment_MG_2393 overkill_equipment_MG_2456 overkill_equipmentIMG_0460 overkill_equipmentIMG_0541


Addison Groove (50Weapons/Swamp 81/UK)
Dub Phizix (Exit/Soul:R/Critical/UK)
Strategy (UK)
Benji B (BBC’s 1Xtra/Need2Soul/UK)
Illum Sphere (Ninja Tune/UK)
Delfonic (Oye Records/D)

Daniel Brandt (The Gym/BBF/D)
Braiden (NTS/UK)
Thomalla (Krakatau/D)


Gary Brown Photo - Dub Phizix-20a addison_groove1604498_644628648927598_1634395285_n

asics x bait basics 002 guardian gel lite III will be dropping at overkill at midnight on the 01.02.2014 during our big release night this coming saturday.

instore first from 00:01h – see you there!

online shop link & size chart here


Mit der BASICS Modellreihe des GEL-LYTE III verfolgt BAIT einen komplett neuen Designansatz im Umgang mit diesem Klassiker. Ganz bewusst wurde auf den traditionell verwendeten Suede/Mesh Materialeinsatz verzichtet, um der GEL-LYTE III Silhouette durch neue, ungewöhnliche Material-kombinationen eine robuste und  verwegene Identität zu verleihen und das Modell für den Einsatz im Kampf mit den täglichen Herausforderungen zu rüsten.

Wie schon beim BASICS 001 Model VANQUISH kommt auch beim GUARDIAN exklusives Jacquard im Camouflage-Design, Metall-Mesh und Nailhead-Suede  zum Einsatz.  Zusammen mit den 3M-Akzenten im sechseckigem Honigwaben-Design, der durchgehend gesprenkelten Zwischensohle und den runden, gewachsten Schnürsenkeln machen diese Features aus dem eher als typischen Lightweight-Runner bekannten GEL-LYTE III eine heavy-duty Version für „extreme Konditionen“ – ganz im Sinne seines Namens.

** Adidas EQT Support 1993 release party – 31.01.2014 **

Back in the 90ies Adidas came up with the strong slogen „The best of Adidas“, due to the release of the Adidas Equipment collection.
This year the brand with the three stripes strikes back with a re-issue of some of the EQT models.

The first release is already raising a row. The Adidas EQT Support 1993, from the second EQT series, is celebrating it´s comeback & we are celebrating too!

In cooperation with Adidas Originals, Overkill decided to accompany this legendary & excitedly excepted release with an event you will never forget!

As if this wasn´t enough, we are bringing matters to a head: At 00:001h Lovers & Collectors will have the opportunity to buy and hold the re-issue of the history-piece in their hands.
Yes- you´ve heard right: Friday night we will have a Midnight -Release at our store & everyone who grabs a pair will receive a collectors-item:
A to 100 copies limited EQT Adidas x Overkill T-Shirt & other gimmicks.

Come around & celebrate with us with music, drinks & food!


adidasxoverkill_A_web  adidasxoverkill_B_web


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here’s a little photo recap of the PONY x ROTHCO GLOBAL RELEASE EVENT on wednesday..

big thanks to all who made it and pony & rothco for this great event!

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3 jahre der bass macht den beat – 25.01.2014 / 23:30h – gretchen (obentrautstr. 19-21)

• 90s Hip Hop & Olschool Floor:
- RAW D [Der Bass macht den Beat]
- ILL O. [The Smells]

- Live Drums by Far-I-Drum
- Hosted by Stimulus [USA]

• Drum’n'Bass & Dubstep Floor:
- DIAZ-SOTO [Addicted To Bass/ Feiertach]
- REAF [Praise The Bass/ Pumped up Kicks]

• Hidden Floor:
- THABO GETSOME [Clap Your Hands]