BWGH x puma trinomic XT available at overkill now!

check them out here

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still 3 styles from the nike black history month available at overkill now!

check them out here

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new balance m 530 & crt 300 both available in 2 colourways at overkill now!

check them out and more from new balance here

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starter x loony tunes snapback and tees now available at overkill!

see it all here

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brand new nike spring 2015 sneaker fresh in at overkill!

including rosherun flyknit, huarache, internationalist and more

see them all here

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brand new adidas spring 2015 sneaker & apparel just landed at overkill!!

including: EQT guidance 93, zx flux, stan smith and more

check it all out here

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big asics release coming up at overkill!

including gel lyte III, gel lyte V, gel saga & the “japenese denim” pack

release for all shoes: 01.02.2015

see them all here

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Garbstore x Reebok Ventilator coming soon to Overkill!

The original Ventilator model uses luxurious velvet feel suedes with classic coloured outsoles with hard arch technology and Hexalite™ plugs. The ventilator section displays the shoes rival technologies logo of Hexalite™. The shoe has been simplified to form a more harmonious background to feature the Ventilator window.

Release: 01.02.2015

shop links here & here


the first in the 25th anniversary series from asics is dropping at overkill on saturday!

the asics x mita sneakers gel lyte III “25th anniversary” will be released: 24.01.2015 instore first!

online shop link here


air jordan 4 ‘french blue’ released at overkill this coming saturday! also available in bg.

release: 24.01.2015 instore first

shop link here & here

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eagerly awaited and finally here! the much sought after adidas eqt guidance 93 has landed at overkill!

check it out here

2932-21.Januar.2015 14880_02816-21.Januar.2015-2

check out this fresh reebok instapump fury og just in at overkill!

online shop link here

2781-21.Januar.2015 14984_02790-21.Januar.2015-2 2802-21.Januar.2015-2

and again! even more nike spring 2015 new arrivals for you to check out!

have a closer look here

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boom! and the next load of adidas spring 2015 sneaker have landed!

see them all here

3092-21.Januar.2015 14761_0 14990_0 14992_0 14993_0 14994_0 15000_0 15001_0 15007_0 imgo

big nike spring 2015 sneaker delivery just landed at overkill!

see this lot and more here

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