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“Made in Germany“, is KangaROOS’s handcrafted line, based in Munchweiler near the shoe city Pirmasens. The ‘Made in Germany’ line is a sustainable statement in the sneaker business and a small token for local manufacturing in Germany. Since 2014, collaborations and special editions with strong partners complement the established models.

The latest addition of the “Made in Germany” line is the collaboration with the world famous sneaker store “OVERKILL”.
KangaROOS and OVERKILL created a limited edition of the iconic model COIL R-1 using high quality materials :
The OVERKILL x KangaROOS Coil R-1 “Grape Pack”.
This exclusive, very limited pack comes in two colors. It’s an homage to the German wineries and its winemakers. They were inspired by the colors burgundy and grape blue, reminiscent of hand-picked grapes from local vineyards. Completing the exclusivity and rarity of both R-1 COIL models are a fine leather lining and branded OVERKILL logo. Each pair is individually numbered on the inner side of the tongue and provided with an OVERKILL lacetag.

The package also includes an exclusive, handmade in Berlin, original wooden sneakerbox, which was never seen in the global market.

Release: 20/SEPTEMBER/2014

SIZERUN: EU 40 – 46
PRICE: 250 €

SPECIAL THANKS: http://handwerkplusdesign.de/betahau/


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check this out! limited edition flame “signal red” ultra synthetic paint by overkill!

have a look online here

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Samstag, 7. Juni 2014 18:00h @ NIKE HOUSE OF PHENOMENAL / Brunnenstr 17-21 Berlin

Team ‘OVERKILL BEARS’ gegen Alle! Kommt und supportet unser eigenes Street Soccer Team dabei wie wir der besten Auswahl an anderen Freundschafts-Teams zeigen wie die Pille läuft!!

Modus: 3 vs 3 / erstes Tor fällt – wer das kriegt, muss einen Spieler raus, next Tor wins, egal wer es schiesst!

Riskier Alles! Wir zählen auf Euch! ;)

Facebook event here


** History of Air Max Exhibition – 26.03 – 05.04 **

For 10 days we prepared you with our Air Max History Countdown, for the probably most important day of a shoe collector , hunter and lover.
Iceberg, Mister Air Max himself, payed us the compliment of exhibiting his stunning Air Max collection. Not only that, also with his presence the evening turned into something extraordinary . After all, who can claim to name almost all OG Air Max models in all colorways its own ? We are impressed!


3.26.Three magic numbers. A date which made history. The resurrection of the first Air Max. 1987.
For 10 days we prepared you with our Air Max History Countdown, for the probably most important day of a shoe collector , hunter and lover.
Iceberg, Mister Air Max himself, payed us the compliment of exhibiting his stunning Air Max collection. Not only that, also with his presence the evening turned into something extraordinary . After all, who can claim to name almost all OG Air Max models in all colorways its own ? We are impressed!
A nice set -up and old media clippings have the unique OG – collection set perfectly. Around 200 invited guests have found their way to our vernissage. Music , delicious food , drinks , good shoes and a relaxed atmosphere complemented the vernissage.

Our biggest „Thank you“ goes out to ICEBERG. We take our hat off for such a unique collection!
The ” Air Max Day” exhibition can still be visited until April, 4. Monday – Saturday 11AM – 20PM.


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25.03.2014 // 8-11PM


** Limited Guestlist available! ** see facebook event for more details



Overkill Shop und Berlin Boombox Teamed up für einen:

Show your talent und win a Montana Boombox & Overkill Voucher!

All infos here

The Rules:
1. Upload your Sketch Sheet here and print it, or pick it up at Overkill Shop!
2. Sketch your very own Boombox Design
3. Spread the word & send your sketch to >> overkill@berlinboombox.com
3. We will post your foto on facebook
4. Mark yourself on your foto.
5. Collect as many likes as possible to win!

Deadline: 31st of March!


On the 31.01.2014, more than 500 people found their way to our store to celebrate together with Adidas and ourselves the long awaited release of the Adidas Equipment Support 1993 reissue. More than 300 EQT Fans, Shoe lovers and Collectors stood and waited for hours in the freezing cold to get their hands on the much sought after sneaker that at 00:01h were released and then they finally did. With allready 100 names on the list by the morning, it was unbelievable!

Due to the Adidas Equipment’s legendary status in Berlin and its surrounding cities, weather Dresden or Leipzig, Hannover or Hamburg, no journey was too far for so many sneaker heads to make it here and participate in this special event.

With food, drinks and musical accompaniment, you could gaze in wonder at EQT models of the past too, presented and on show from private collectors from across Berlin and beyond. It was not just something to make the collectors heartbeat race though, the first 100 customers all received a fresh limited edition Adidas Equipment x Overkill T-Shirt plus a few other goodies too!

Sadly the demand was so high that not every guest could go home with the shoe they came for but at least there was plently of partying, laughing and exchanges of sneaker knowledge till the last shoe proudly left the store in the early hours of the morning. All in all a very successful event, with massive amounts of Sneaker-Heat, Love & passion!




Big thank you to everyone that made it to our Adidas EQT Support ´93 Release-Event last weekend! Was a massive turnout! Possibly the most visited release till now at Overkill! Good times and a lot of sneakers shifted!

Thanks again!

See you all at the next event!

overkill_equipment_MG_2349overkill_equipment_MG_1441 overkill_equipment_MG_1451 overkill_equipment_MG_1467 overkill_equipment_MG_1503 overkill_equipment_MG_1538 overkill_equipment_MG_1560 overkill_equipment_MG_1567 overkill_equipment_MG_1579 overkill_equipment_MG_1585 overkill_equipment_MG_1609 overkill_equipment_MG_1632 overkill_equipment_MG_1771 overkill_equipment_MG_1872 overkill_equipment_MG_1915 overkill_equipment_MG_1935  overkill_equipment_MG_1955 overkill_equipment_MG_1960 overkill_equipment_MG_2001 overkill_equipment_MG_2004 overkill_equipment_MG_2011 overkill_equipment_MG_2347  overkill_equipment_MG_2366 overkill_equipment_MG_2388 overkill_equipment_MG_2390 overkill_equipment_MG_2393 overkill_equipment_MG_2456 overkill_equipmentIMG_0460 overkill_equipmentIMG_0541

Nike celebrates the power of its innovation with the release of three new versions of the Air Max 90— the Nike Air Max Lunar90, Air Max 90 Jacquard and Air Max 90 Ice. One of the more popular silhouettes in the Air Max family, the Air Max 90’s iconic midsole and upper components are the perfect canvas to lionize Nike’s pinnacle technologies: Lunarlon foam, no-sew construction, jacquard weaving and Phylon.

One of the four innovative styles, the Air Max 90 Jacquard, is now available at Overkill, in two nice colorways!

AIR MAX 90 Jacquard:

A traditional and age-old method of craft veneer´s this version of the Air Max 90. Originating in the 1800s, the jacquard weaving process weaves four colored yarns through a black base allowing Nike designers to control which colors are expressed on the surface. The jacquard process is very detailed and capable of weaving patterns on top of patterns, allowing for the traditional panels and overlays of the Air Max 90 to be replaced by a singlec piece of fabric. The one-piece upper is lighter and more flexible than the original and pairs perfectly with a natural motion outsole for a visible emphasis on movement. The Air Max 90 Jacquard is Air Max crafted like never before.







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BAIT presents its latest collaboration with Asics: the Gel-Lyte III“Basics Model-001 Vanquish.”It´s the first release of the three-part collaboration with BAIT 2014.

The latest Gel Lyte III features a combination of black and camouflage with wire mesh detailing throughout the upper, a partially speckled white midsole, and red outsole underneath.

Overkill is happy to be one of Germanys Retailers to be a part of this hot instore release.

Save the date: 18.01.2013 // Instore first //

sneak peak here



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Back in the 90ies Adidas came up with the strong slogen „The best of Adidas“, due to the release of the Adidas Equipment collection.
This year the brand with the three stripes strikes back with a re-issue of some of the EQT models. In the sneaker scene the EQT series already enjoys cult status. Known for its
premium wormanship & exclusive materials, the brand´s preceding slogan fits perfect to this upoming release. A thrill of anticipation is allready crept in the sneaker scene about the re-issue of the Support 1993 of the 2nd EQT series and the Cushion 1991 of the EQT first series. Stay tuned for more releases!

These 4 beauties will be released in February – Stay tuned!

Get your infos and updates to the product here >>

Adidas Equipment Support 93 ( D67729 )

Adidas Equipment Support 93 ( M22556 )

Adidas Equipment Cushion 91 ( D67568 )

Adidas Equipment Cushion 91 ( M22555 )







another huge delivery of nike holiday 2013/14 sneaker arrived in our store including air max 1, rosherun, air max thea, air huarache, lunar flyknit chukka and more!

see the lot here

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2014 will start with an hot release: the Reebok Pump Vintage Pack.
The brand´s most iconic silhouettes, the Pump Omni Lite, Pump Graphliter, Pump Running Dual & the wmns Pump Aerobic Lite are coming back in its OG-Colorways.

We are celebrating Reebok´s first release of the „Vintage Pack“, the Pump Omni Lite, instore, on January 13. During the „Bread & Butter“, Berlin´s well-known tradeshow for selected lifestyle brands, Reebok and Overkill are introducing the Pump Omi Lite with a nice instore installation. Don´t miss this release!

If you´re not in town, check the Online-Release on January 13, 00:00 h at www.overkillshop.com.

online shop link here




heres a little photo recap of the sneaker freaker x puma ‘blaze of glory’ release on the 30.11.2013!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support!

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