We come along with another young Streetwear brand & are very proud to introduce Polythene Optics!
Polythene Optics is sister brand of the worldwide known and successful brand A-Cold-Wall*. Designer and founder is Samuel Ross, just like at ACW*.
Polythene Optics is the fine line between Avant Garde and streetwear. A subject many designers have to deal with nowadays, because runway and street will always be two different locations.
There has always been criticism of runway fashion. And despite the fact that many young and old people dare to dress more

bravely on the streets, it still cannot be taken for granted that stylists looks are copied 100 percent and then worn out on the streets. The fashion should always be accessible to the customer, and he is the one on the street and not on the runway. The idea of an offshoot came into existence at the end of 2016, when Samuel Ross – like many others – had to deal with a difficult decision.
ACW*, Ross’ baby developed in a direction where it became increasingly obvious that Avant Garde was the target. The first runway show was already in the pipeline but Ross never wanted to lose touch with the road, even less give up.

Polythene was the valve. A way not to split ACW* into two different strands, but to remain true to the line and at the same time create a new line.
Samuel Ross, head behind the brand A-Cold-Wall* and now also Polythene Optics – a special man.
About himself, he says that studying fashion was never an option for him. Instead, he spent his time in training as a graphic designer. His special way of working and his reputation, which he gained online, attracted the attention of some big names in the industry. In the end, it was Virgil Abloh Ross worked for. That was at a time when there was no talk of Off White. Pyrex had its big upswing. And in collaboration with Virgil, Ross also came to the pleasure of working with Kanye West and worked for both in different ways of design or show presentation.
Ross himself says that a big portion of luck is part of everything, because when he sent his work to countless designers and artists, he was usually ignored. He knew there would be a chance, however. But he should be proved right and got this chance from his idols.

Through the hard work and above all, through his mentor Virgil, Samuel Ross had an unreal high workload, an almost inhuman frequency of work he delivered. In the end, everything paid off.
Ross sees himself more as an expressive artist than a designer – so he doesn’t let himself be distracted by the works of others, he deliberately hides social media in order not to be influenced by fast-moving trends. This is another great point in his philosophy: to put the final goal before the short hype.
Ross has countless magazines and partners in his career. For example Vogue or Dazed. Various installations and presentations have paved the way for him to create his brands ACW* and now Polythene Optics.

Check Polythene Optics HERE or visit our Store in Kreuzberg.