As you already know. We are coming to Cologne. On 16.10.2021 we open the doors of our third store – Overkill Cologne.

For this, we not only take you on a little trip, through our new store but also sat down with our CEO Marc for an interview.

How are you doing today?

Marc: I am doing very well today, the last months and weeks were very demanding. Besides the daily business it was a challenge to handle all investment projects at the same time. There were many strains, some obstacles, many long working days, many short nights for me and some of the team. My family had to sacrifice a lot for the goals of Overkill. That is not always easy, you need strong nerves, a strong and focused will and you have to be very determined to stay on the ball. The bar was very high and the circumstances that we face every day are not easy to manage, but I have family support that makes me very happy and proud and I have a team that stands behind me and fills me with full pride, we have to work hard together, get nothing for free. There is much to tell but the bottom line is that I am currently exhausted but very satisfied and proud of what we have achieved in united teamwork.

I am look forward to our opening  and celebrate with our Overkill Cologne community.

Where is the store located?

Marc: The store is located at Hahnentor in Hahnenstraße 20 / 50667 Cologne.

Why did you choose Cologne for your next store location?

Marc: The idea of opening another store in Cologne has been around for many years. As a longtime partner of the Sneakerness Cologne, we got to know many local contacts through this sneaker convention.

Some friendships have resulted and so our network here locally has grown over the years. All the positive impressions we could collect about Cologne over the years were reason to start thinking.

In addition to Berlin, we believe that Cologne is another important city in a strategic sense, the neighboring catchment area of Düsseldorf, Belgium and Holland certainly represents a certain purchasing power. From our point of view, Cologne also lacked a store format with our brand portfolio and the corresponding product access. The community here has been waiting a long time for a store like us and we can now fulfill this wish.

Is the Cologne store different to the two Berlin stores?

Marc: Essentially, it differs from the interior and the materials used. We have focused on italian Statuario Venato marble from the quarry in Carrara. Both the wall elements as well as the counter, the floor area on the upper floor and the individual rock sculptures provide with their optics for a high-quality timeless boutique look. Combined with brushed stainless steel, the interior harmonizes particularly well.

What can customers expect in the new store, or what kind of atmosphere can they expect?

Marc: The store has a very high-quality, boutique-like, very chic feel and impresses with its concept of high-quality materials. There are some art elements that architecturally set a highlight up to canvases of the artist “Stohead” that decorate the walls. A specially designed sneaker chandelier made of glass decorates the checkout area, design details provide some eye-catchers.
The atmosphere when you enter the store is very modern and contemporary. The product focus is very concentrated and clear everything looks very high quality and exclusive.

What is your highlight of the new store in Cologne?

Marc: Two details are particularly interesting in the implementation:

An impressive marble rock we worked into a seating module with a polished surface (seating area) and a sole imprint of our last collab with adidas (ZX8500) chiseled by the stonemason, the handwork is the absolute eye-catcher.

We created our own sneaker chandelier. In collaboration with adidas, we had 15 iconic shoe models blown out of glass and created them into a stunning light installation. All shoe shapes are handmade and high quality created in an elaborate production process, the result is unique.

Would you like to take us on a tour?

Marc: In the entrance area, a little art awaits us first of all. In collaboration with the Berlin artist “Stohead”, we have had two 1.80 x 3.0 m canvases designed. In addition, there is a huge marble boulder (Statuario Venato) in the entrance area. As a natural element, its size, structure and shape make it a real highlight from an architectural point of view.

In the second room, many impressions await us, the aforementioned Sneaker chandelier not only provides the illumination of the products, but is at the same time an absolute eye-catcher. Our bench consisting of marble is directly the next eye-catcher, the seat is polished in high quality. As a special detail acts the chiseled sole print of the “Overkill x adidas ZX8500 A-ZX”. The massive marble counter extends the high-quality impressions, it looks like a giant block cut from mining, its beautiful grain is visually very appealing. The sneaker walls are also made of genuine Statuario Venato. The special thing here is the processing, imported in blocks from Italy, we have the walls cut into fillet pieces (Berlin stonemason) and thus created the highest quality sneaker wall we have ever implemented. This can be supplemented by individual showcases modules made of stainless steel. We have created numerous showcases made of brushed stainless steel in combination with glass to present as many collectible items as possible.

The ceiling painting stands out especially. We have created an artistic sky look, the ceiling construction consists of old ceiling windows with a view of the sky here we have made an elaborate restoration and a creative homage. Furthermore, a seating module in combination of a marble rock with an integrated stainless steel bench and a marble seat with milled Overkill lettering impresses again. Also the sneaker mirror is a visual eye-catcher, a halved marble rock which was gutted inside to remove weight was mounted with a lasered mirror surface in generated rarity value. A counter railing visually decorates a stainless steel lasered Overkill lettering. The last highlight on the first floor is the stairs to the transition to the upper floor. These are also made of marble and decorated by lasered Overkill logos.

On the upper floor of our Apparel Area there are numerous handmade stainless steel merchandise racks with marble support plates. The marble that decorates the walls in the lower area now covers the entire floor in the upper area, the 1×1 meter formats leave a wonderful eye-catcher.

A highlight in the area is a table module consisting of another marble rock element in combination with a table shelf made of stainless steel, the mentioned materials flow here conceptually again and again, are taken up and connect. Further elements are e.g. an oversized sock wall made of marble or further showcase elements as well as table and seat variations that generate an eye-catcher.

The store reflects a flowing concept, the materials are coordinated with high quality and a pleasant lighting concept rounds off the overall impression.

Are there already further plans how the Overkill universe will grow?

Marc: We are in constant exchange and are constantly moving forward, soon the go live phase of our new web store is coming up, after that it will certainly not remain quiet.

Last but not least, a question that will surely interest many: Can you already reveal whether there will be a surprise or two for customers at the opening?

Marc: For the opening we have our adidas EQT CSG 91 x Overkill Collab Edition as an exclusive launch in our assortment and we have prepared many product highlights for the community. There will be a specially designed opening shirt (strictly imitated).

There will be an own Overkill Merchandise Apparel Capsule, limited Overkill Collaborations of the last years (unique chance) and a lot of hot & limited sneakers from Nike, adidas, New balance, Asics, Reebok & Puma etc..

Together with Stance we have created a fundraiser to support Anyway – a youth center specifically for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, inter* and queer youth in Cologne.