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With Noon Goons we present a new brand, which is now available at Overkillshop.

Already in his early years the founder Kurt Namore gained first experiences with self-designed clothing. He also gained experience in production and distribution for various companies before founding his own label Noon Goons in Los Angeles in 2016. Initially, he didn’t expect the brand to be a success, he simply wanted to produce clothes for his buddies. The name Noon Goons is taken from a diss of his mother. That’s how she titled tourists who flooded the beach as soon as it got a little hotter. So even with the brand name, the focus was more on fun and, as befits Californian standards, everything was just a bit more relaxed. But after more and more stores became interested in the brand, the initial fun turned into a serious project.

Noon Goons’ clothing is based on classic streetwear, but still stands out with its shapes and colors. In the design process, Narmor is not guided by trends, but is inspired by his own interests and experiences. Of course, you can find the influences of skate and surf culture from California here as well, though. Everything Noon Goons does, has a specific reference and doesn’t happen by accident. The collection includes all kinds of pieces, from shirts and t-shirts to pants and jackets, everything has been thought of.

We are happy to announce that Noon Goons is now available with us.

You can find the current collection here in our online shop.