Gramicci is a new brand at Overkill and today we tell you about the rich history of the outdoor brand with lifestyle appeal.

It all began in the 70s in California’s Yosemite National Park. The passionate climber Mike Graham belongs to the group of “Stone Masters”. The group of friends created the style of big-wall-climbing, which involves climbing peaks without the use of tools such as ropes or harnesses. At the end of the 70s, Graham invented the Portaledge, a tent that could be attached to the rock face to spend the night. It was the birth of adventure- and action-sports and the Stone Masters were in the thick of it. Graham missed pants that were adapted to the needs of climbing. So he developed his own shorts, which had innovations such as a gusset in the crotch and an integrated belt.

This invention was to change the outdoor clothing market forever. The name Gramicci, which Graham chose for his brand, is incidentally his nickname, which he got from his climbing buddies. Gramicci has been around since 1982 and the brand’s influence on functional outdoor clothing is still visible today. The logo of the brand is the Tribeman, a stylized climber with rastas. The lettering and logo are as casual as the brand itself, symbolizing freedom and a love of expedition. Like some other brands from the outdoor segment, Gramicci’s clothing has become part of today’s streetwear. The products are affordable, well-made, practical and look good to. The heyday was the 90s, when the first skateboard and streetwear wave from California spilled over the whole world. But to speak of a revival would be wrong, Gramicci has always been there and has seen all other trends come and go. In the meantime, the brand struggled with sales. But one remembered its strengths, which is functional clothing and the brand is strong as never before.

At Overkill you can get the legendary shorts and pants from Gramicci. In addition, we also have T-shirts, shirts and hoodies of the casual brand from sunny California.

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