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Sweat dripping from the ceiling, litres of “Berliner Luft” and a rave that was so wild that we are not allowed to report on some things. That was the release party of the Overkill x Puma “Pfeffiboys” collab from 2017, which was inspired by the peppermint liqueur “Berliner Luft” and the Pfeffiboys, a loose association of Berlin Atzen.
After five years, we have finally heard the many calls for a repeat and now present the sequel to this legendary package.

This time, we turn our attention to two classic models from the Puma archive, the Puma XS 7000 and the Puma Mirage OG, for which – as with the Overkill x Puma Pfeffiboys Disc Blaze from 2017 – our favorite booze of all served as design inspiration.
First released in 1991, the XS 7000 turned the market on its head at the time as the first lace-less athletic shoe, introducing the legendary Disc System, in which an internal wire construction is pulled closed by twisting the disc to ensure an optimal fit.
Visually, we have kept the XS 7000 to the retro edition of the Berlin Luft, which was launched as a limited product in 2020 for Schilkin’s 70th anniversary. You can see this inspiration, especially in the details like the co-branding on the tongue and heel, as well as the design of the disc and the insole. The shoe comes with a mix of premium suede and mesh, both in typical mint green.

The Puma Mirage OG saw the light of day in 1990 as a lifestyle development of the 70s sprint shoe of the same name and is thus, according to Puma archivist and legend Helmut Fischer, an absolute classic and perfect figurehead for Puma history.
Here, too, the nylon upper’s mint color reflects Berlin Air’s design. But in contrast to the XS 7000, you will find additional elements of the current bottle, such as the red from the Schilkin logo, which can be found in details such as the lining or the formstripe edging. We have also taken this logo and created an Overkill and a Puma version of it, which can be found on the tongues and the inner soles. Printed and embossed logos are also placed in the heel area and round off this Mirage OG.

Both models will be available exclusively at the OVERKILL booth at The Ground Festival (Entrance North, Hammarskjöldplatz, 14055 Berlin) on July, 8th 2022 from 12 to 10PM and instore at OVERKILL Berlin & Cologne on July, 9th 2022 from 11 to 8PM. Leftover pairs will be available online on Sunday, July, 10th at 12AM. Available sizes are EU36 to EU48.5 and they come with a specially designed box as well as various original add-ons and matching merchandise. And of course, the release will be followed by a party in good old Pfeffiboys style.