Have you ever heard of Team Dauerfeuer? It’s a streetwear brand located in Nuremberg that puts out some well curated capsule collections from time to time. Our blog editor Ernie met with Wörn, the man behind Team Dauerfeuer, on his Instagram feed and did a live interview with Wörn. Wörn is also the design-brain behind Pacemaker Products and he is working at adidas in HZO as a designer. Here is their little conversation about Team Dauerfeuer.

Overkill: Hey Wörn, can you real quick tell me what Team Dauerfeuer is about?

Wörn Dauerfeuer: Hey Ernie! Thanks for your interest in the team!
Team dauerfeuer is about irregular consistency in putting out good ideas in various fields, mainly apparel.
It was always a playground for whatever I felt was needed to be done to escape routine and tristesse of a day to day. It started officially 10 years ago and went through many different stages. I like it to open and non-directive. It evolves with times and our surroundings. It´s also

about telling leftfield but authentic stories that might not be in the scope of the many.

Overkill: How many people are part of Team Dauerfeuer, who are they and what do they do in the Team?

Wörn Dauerfeuer: I like the team to be seen as a collective of people having expertise in different fields of creative work. When ideas and projects come up, I like to surround myself with people that can help me to achieve a common goal. Every project is a different team so to say, while I keep the conceptual lead.

Overkill: In Sneaker design there is always a story behind everything…materials,colors etc. Everything is inspired by someone/something or it’s a homage to someone/something. Where does your inspiration come from?

Wörn Dauerfeuer: Not everything we did in the past had a story to it. Every of our latest products spoke to a distinctive and niche audience I guess, but it also tackled people that might not have been too involved with the story behind it.  Inspiration comes from the most obvious things; music, life, love and the places we go. We did some homages to bands we love and put inspiring people of our cosmos into the spotlight. If I have an idea usually the first drafts of it are the ones that end up being the final version. Inspiration is all around. I definitely get more inspired when traveling or going odd places and dig into the non-obvious.

Overkill: One of your latest drops was the collaboration with @wirsinddietoten , a pretty unusual collaboration for a streetwear brand. How did this come about?

Wörn Dauerfeuer: It might have seem unusual, but to be honest that was a very straight-forward story about this one: I always followed and admired Rene and his brand and felt we share a similar mindset and approach to putting out product. One day I dropped him a mail and asked if he was interested in working together on a thing or two. We found out that we had some things in common liked the same punkrock bands from a shared past. So, in a way it was organic but yeah maybe not the most typical one. It was never about fitting in, but to do what we feel is right and makes a dope release. Why would we work with a libanese hairdresser or a vietnamese restaurant? Because it´s authentic stories that are part of our lives.

Overkill: Talking about one of your latest releases,, what is the Newseum?

Wörn Dauerfeuer: So you ordered it without knowing what it is about? See our plan works haha! No honestly; Newseum is a well curated retail store for streetwear, kicks and recent fashion labels in Nürnberg. I go shopping here since my first day of being in the south. We vibed on a personal level and decided to do a collaborative capsule together. The “Newseum” tee is a take on a famous racing logo and part of 7 piece collection that sold out quite quick. Visit the Newseum if you have the opportunity. We are happy and proud to have worked with Nico and the guys!

Overkill: Hahaha, great, let’s feature competitors here. But maybe it won’t be your last collaboration with a retailer, I heard there is a good one located in Berlin. So tell us what’s next for Team Dauerfeuer?

Wörn Dauerfeuer: We will continue to put out stuff when time, money and the vibe is right. We won´t stick to timelines or conventions or apply to a status quo. We will challenge ourselves and explore disciplines outside of our expertise. I´m just waiting for the first dauerfeuer press publication and have the second one in the pipeline. We started to work on jewelry and will try to dig deeper here. Next up is the “Vince” release. A homage to a friend that became part of the team earlier last year. A “thank you” to a guy supporting and believing in what the team is about. We will also work together with a major player in the sneaker world and of course will invest in our own collections. Lots of stuff and ideas to work on. The team is not getting bored trust me.

Overkill: Press release sound interesting. When will the Vince-Release drop?

Wörn Dauerfeuer: The next drop is this Sunday, January 27th at 8pm on www.dauerfeuer.com as usual. Check our channels to see what’s releasing! Very excited for this one.

Overkill: Sounds great. We’ll definitely do that because we really like your brand and we wish you great success with it. Keep up the hard work. Thanks a lot for your time and the information about your brand.

Text: Ernie Beckmann