30 years of adidas Equipment

For the fans of adidas Equipment, the year 2021 is a very special one. One of the strongest series of adidas celebrates its 30th birthday and we look forward to many old, but also new releases.

Before we go into detail about the current collection, let’s take a look back at the beginnings.

The 80s were an extremely strong decade for adidas, glitz and glamour everywhere you looked. But with the new decade just around the corner, there were also a lot of changes at adidas. The brand was still an important outfitter for professional athletes and sports clubs and had a strong presence, especially in Europe. Still, there was a sense that the brand had become reactive rather than proactive. It was most evident when looking across the pond, where adidas had lost its position as market leader. So it was about time for something new and exciting at adidas. With the two Americans Peter Moore and Rob Strasser, the new start was to succeed. Peter Moore and Robert Strasser were a successful partnership that had created innovative sportswear and strong advertising campaigns in the US in the past. Strasser was a larger-than-life personality who pushed forward with vigor and drove ideas. Moore was more reserved, but provided the creative spark to turn Strasser’s thoughts into reality. The ambitious goal was to provide the perfect equipment for every sport. In this case, the name of the series was more of a program than a marketing gag.

„Equipment is a no ‘bullshit’ word, you don’t have a piece of equipment to have fun with, you a piece of equipment to make you better.” Peter Moore

In addition to shoes for almost every sport, there was also matching clothing. With a high dedication to the various requirements and with an eye for detail, as well as the necessary quality, adidas Equipment was the ultimate in sportswear in the early 90s. Many technologies already known from the ZX series were perfected for the Equipment range. The plastic heel cap or the Torsion System were among the features found in the models. How important the Equipment series was for adidas can also be seen in the logo of the series. The “Performance” logo was developed for the adidas Equipment series, but has established itself as one of the two main logos of the brand, along with the Trefoil.

Now the time has come, adidas Equipment is back for its 30th anniversary and Consortium has taken the lead on the sneaker models and apparel.
Let’s start with the shoes. The CSG 91 is already known, as we were able to prepare the launch of this model with our collaboration. Now the model, which is a hybrid of three different EQT’s, will be available as an OG and will have the iconic colors of the Equipment series. The Support from 93 is also an old acquaintance, which was already available as a retro a few years ago. However, we would like to say here that the release of 2021 has the edge. The tooling has been completely reworked and the shape and materials are first class. With the Prototype, there is a new model of the series, which was elicited from the adidas archive. The model is an early prototype for the Equipment Racing from 1993.
All models come with a few extras: The Support comes with white laces, the CSG comes with replaceable lace-shields and the Prototype comes with green and grey laces. Concerning the sizing, we are always a little bit careful! Unfortunately, we can not make a general statement that applies to every foot shape. We advise to take his ancestral size and in case of doubt to choose a half size bigger.

Nice in any case that even with the Retros value has been placed on originality and quality. As much as we are happy about the shoes of the series, we are overjoyed about the clothing! Known from the catalogs of the 90s, there are the iconic apparel with the classic cut of the time. So with the clothing you can go to your ancestral size without any problems. Color-wise, there are also no big experiments, the classic colors, which you know from the clothing of adidas Equipment, are also used here. In addition to the iconic green, there is black, heather gray and blue. We don’t want to go out on a limb too soon, but in terms of price-performance ratio, this collection is unbeatable!

Keep calm if you can’t get through the midnight drop right away. Those who know Overkill know that we are adidas Equipment lovers and we know that many of our customers are as well. We are well equipped for this drop and will not let you go empty handed!

The release is set for November, 3rd 12:00 am (CET). Here you can check the whole collection!