boom! memphis group x adidas ZX “PoMo pack” available instore and online at overkill now!

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adidas equipment racing og fresh in at overkill!

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asics gel spotlyte released at overkill tomorrow! 30.04.2014

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onitsuka tiger ult-racer available instore & online at overkill now!

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big selection of starter x star wars snapback just dropped at overkill!

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4 fresh colourways of saucony shadow 5000 available at overkill now!

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3 adidas adilette flags just flew into overkill!

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getting ready for summer! big nike spring 2014 sneaker update at overkill! including: air max 1, free, sb, rosherun and more!

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2 fresh new colourways of adidas zx flux & a nice zx 700 w just dropped at overkill!

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addict spring 2014 apparel & accessories just landed at overkill! including marvel x addict tee’s!!

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Berlin State Of Mind – Premiere – 26.04.2014 – Kino Eiszeit

A Berlin State Of Mind is a documentary about four different people and their stories while living in Berlin Kreuzberg. The protagonists are accompanied by director Boris Saposchnikow during their everyday life. With interviews he draws a colorful picture of the multicultural district and its extraordinary inhabitants.

Sil-Yan conquers the German club & hiphop scene as DJ Craft, while the 103 years old Elfriede shares her life experience. Despite being wheelchair-dependent, Hans-Georg is still politically revolting and Yasin gets into a dispute with the controversial Thilo Sarrazin.
Via the intimate angle of the film camera observing the protagonists, A Berlin State Of Mind leads to different places of Kreuzberg and mediates the attitude of life, contradiction and development of this unique microcosm.

As a result of two years of work since 2012, this documentary developed into a professional and elaborate film. The shots, editing and extra produced film score are combined to a portrait, an homage, a critic, a proof of love and entertainment as well as a warning signal for the collapse of a myth. Produced with no budget, director Saposchnikow is responsible for the production, direction, editing as well as the film score. Grzegorz Olszowka (works for WASSBASS, K.I.Z., Prinz Pi) and Kev Beats X KS Beats (K.I.Z., Mach One) supported him with the score.



BAIT & Saucony are striking back with the Shadow Original “Cruel World 2″. Building upon the success of the first “Cruel World,” the CW2 features purely vegan materials put together using cruelty-free methods. This time around, BAIT has applied a color scheme of black, red and off-white to the silhouette’s hemp upper. The best part of this release is that BAIT will be sharing the proceeds with American Cancer Society and it’s looking to surpass the almost $16,000 USD raised last time. MAKE SURE TO GRAB A PAIR! 100 % VEGAN SHOE!

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cruelworld210271193_10152322330202978_6945520228672043643_o12776_0 1015192_10152322330262978_1020262815884989138_o 10256793_10152322330122978_2500702662272336105_o  10296019_10152322330102978_6571718376340209092_o

brand new adidas apparel fresh in at overkill!

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big big delivery of brand new nike sneaker just landed at overkill! including air max 90, rosherun, air traine, air max thea and a few more.

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long awaited ronnie fieg x asics gel lyte v “cove” dropping at overkill on 19.04.2014 – instore only from 11:00h

limited numbers available!

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